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Let me tell you a story. One with photos and everything. It will be fun! Let's call this story "The Little Airplane that Could".

Little background to the story: As I've mentioned previously, I hate to fly. But, my parents love me, and decided it would be best if I took a plane from Nanaimo to Vancouver's International Airport, before boarding a flight to Kelowna. Because my parents love me and want to spoil me, and know that long bus rides are many things, but mostly tedious and boring. They love me! Love! Love lots! Thus they put me on a plane! Yeah! *shudder*

Push, Pull, Drag See this plane? Isn't it small? See the man dragging the plane all by himself?

That plane is bigger than the plane I flew across to Vancouver. It's a 15 minute flight, depending on the wind. Sometimes it's longer, and sometimes it's shorter. Because of wind. Because when you're in a nice little airplane, one that could fall out of the sky with ease, the wind makes a *big* different.

Did I mention that I hate to fly?

Before Boarding This is the plane I actually got on. See the plane? See the pilot? Wow, what a small little plane. And it was just me, and the pilot, and my 18 kilograms of luggage. And my purse.

He was a very nice pilot. The safety instructions were very short and to the point. He explained how to open the doors in a crash, and that there was a lifejacket right underneath me. Isn't that great? Yay, lifejacket! Which is good, because did I mention the plane was small and could crash?

Tiny Little Feet These are my tiny little feet in the tiny little plane. Guess what? I got to sit where the co-pilot would! There were levers and buttons and things to push, and a phone! Isn't that great? I could totally have made a wrong move and we would have plummeted into the ocean, or flown to Seattle or something! Isn't that great? Yay for tiny little planes with tiny little people on them!

(I do have tiny little feet - dear god, no wonder I'm clumsy.)

Then the tiny little plane took off. It doesn't need a lot of water to do that - we didn't even get as far as the ferry, and the ferry is pretty close to where the planes take off. They do several trips a day between the island (where my parents live) and Vancouver. I'm impressed, really, that that many people do the trip by plane instead of by ferry. But the ferry is damned expensive, and the plane will take you straight to the airport. So I can see it, I guess, but still. It's *tiny*. And scary.

There were room for two other people in the plane, but there wasn't anyone but me and the pilot.

So, we take this short run up to the sky, and I'm holding onto myself for dear life, convinced that if I grab the wrong thing, the plane will crash. But the take-off was remarkably smooth, and there was none of that sudden vertigo I tend to get during them. Just this woosh as we went up into the air. I grabbed on to the bottom of my seat, and then looked out....

The Air Up There

The view was amazing.

I got up there and thought for a bit: Wow... this is so much nicer than flying commercial planes. You can see out the window, and see all these amazing things. It's loud, but it's not nearly as bad as it could be. I know, I'll get my pilot's license when I can, and then save up and buy a little plane like this, and fly around the world. I'll just land whenever I want, and see all sorts of nifty places. Free as a bird!

Then we landed.

I don't land well.

The plane did not crash, and all was safe, and I even made my flight to Kelowna with 15 minutes to spare before boarding closed, but I was a wreck. Flying = bad! Landing = bad! No more little planes! None none none! Not even with great views of the area! None!

And that's the story of the Little Airplane that Could.

There are some photos of the view... these are the ones that aren't blurry because I was shaking too hard.

(Note: No snakes were harmed in the writing of this entry, as they were not allowed on the plane.)


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