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Famous People I Have Met, a list, by jo

Famous People I Met While Living In Canada, a short list, by jo

1. Joe Clark - famous, if dull, politician. Nice enough man, and these things go.

2. That kid who won Canadian Idol. I didn't know who he was, and demanded ID before I'd give him the key to his room, not knowing the room was under an assumed name. His manager had a screaming fit at me in the lobbey of the hotel, saying things like "Don't you know who this is?" No, of course I didn't. But I did by the next day, as he was all over the cover of every newspaper in Edmonton. *sigh*

3. Dave Duncan. All I could manage to choke out was "I really like your book!" before running away as fast as possible. I am an author fan-girl.

Famous People I Met While Living in Scotland, a longer list, by jo

1. Nail Gaiman. He signed my book! I have a book, signed by Neil Gaiman, to me!

2. Arrogant Worms: Canadian band, ironically enough.

3. Rory Stewart: He signed my book! I have a book, signed by Rort Stewart, to me!

4. Alison Weir: She signed my book! I have a book, signed by Alison Weir, to me!

5. Antonia Fraser! Also signed by book!

6. Kevin Smith! I have his autograph in the back of Reading Lolita in Tehran. I need to stop coming unprepared to these things.

I really do turn into an incoherent fangirl around authors...

Book Festival is going great, Fringe is going great, I have photos and stories and stuff, but mostly right now... I want a nap...


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