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So, I've been basing my Aus plans over the past year or so on the idea that I can only work in one place or one company for a maximum of three months. I got myself the idea that I would work and live in a province for three months, then back on up and move to another province, sign up with a new temp agency, and work my way around parts of Aus that way. I mean, yeah, there are more than four provinces, but really, that's just... well, logistics. The idea worked for me.

I downloaded the paperwork and was looking at it yesterday. I don't know if it's changed, or if it was always the same, but now you can work for the same place for six months.

This is, of course, a major change in my world-view. Cuz, you know, I'm like that.

So, I'm pondering: Do I go with Original Plan A, and work my way around various parts of a really big country? Or do I go with amazing and super-new Plan B, wherein I work in one place for six months (like, say, in the west half of the country), take a month to wander around on my way to the other half of the country and settle there for another six months, using that month in between to bum around Aus, checking out stuff and being a backpacking 30-year-old fiend.

(And does the plan of wandering around a country I know very little about with a big old "I'm a Tourist! Love me!" in my hands, aka the guidebook, strike you as more 'exciting and adventurous' or 'crazy with a side order of risky'?)

I really like the idea of bumming around a country for a while with no plan other than "Get to Sidney before June". But on the other hand... well, I'm naive, but not that naive.


Either way, I'm getting really excited about this now - I want to simultanously enjoy my time in Edinburgh and make January get here faster.

Also, there's a place in Aus called Kangaroo Island. Guess where I'm gonna go?


Anna! Just a little terminology update. The regions are called states. If you ask about provinces, you'll only get blank stares. Outside of the capital cities, office work may be hard to find. What ever you do DON'T go picking fruit. It's a big rip off. I'd recommend spending the summer months in the southern half of Oz and visit the north during winter. (Winter up north is still 30 C)

I agree with Phil, South in Summer, North for Winter, but if you did want to spend some time in the West, I'd recommend just 3 months over there - without denigrating our sandgroper friends (a bit of slang for you) Perth is a long way away from the rest of Australia.