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The Long Good-bye

I am very slowly but surely hammering away at the things I need to get done in the next four months. I applied a few days ago for my Aus visa and was told (very politely) that I would need a chest x-ray before I could be considered.

A chest x-ray. Because... you know... I might have something wrong with my chest, or something.

Closest I can come to sorting that out is because I lived in China.

I've been culling books (an always painful process) and refusing to buy more stuff (equally painful - I obviously *need* more stuff, right?) and just generally getting my life into order so that I can leave in January and have everything behind me sorted out. It's... it's...

It's really really stressful and I wish it were easier, damn it.

God, no wonder half the people I know go "Oh, I envy you travelling and living overseas, but I could never do it!" It's such a freakin' hassle. Why the hell do I need to go to a doctor in Glasgow to get my chest x-rayed? That's *stupid*, and I can't get it done just anywhere... the places they suggested that weren't in Glasgow don't *do* those for the Aus visas. And wouldn't I know by now if something was wrong with me? *sigh*

Anyway, I moved my to-do before Aus list to the sidebar so I could keep track of everything, and I'm hoping it all comes together easily enough. You'd think I'd be used to this, and at least this time I won't be constantly wondering what I can leave behind. I do love the UK, and I would love to come back here, but this is definately a long-term, if not permanent, good-bye.


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They want the X-ray to check if you have Tuberculosis :)

must be for bloody TB tests

It never gets any easier, you seem to lose the will to keep stuff, knowing that there will be more stuff to horde on the other side of the world. I travelled so light to Poland this time and am already planning to enhance my collection of Polsih pottery and handmade leather gloves, not to mention the amber....:)

Love the blog.
Have been to Aus...LOVE it. Currently I'm A CDN living in Ayr Scotland and I think I just moved to a really sketchy area of town....I'm freaking a bit. How have you managed ummm..crime wise?

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