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I'm totally going to Rome in November! I'm so excited! I found a great and affordable B&B, found really cheap flights (7ish pounds one way, 5ish pounds the way back), and I am totally going to Rome and I am so excited I could scream! In fact, I think I did.

I can't believe I'm going to Rome!

I still can't believe that I get to *do* these things... some days I get so down about everything I forget that I'm really having a basically good time. I get to travel almost as much as I want, and I get to go to these places that seemed so far away when I was in Canada and are now just a short plane ride away!

I'm already making a list of everything I want to do in Rome. Hey, does anyone know of any good walking tours in Rome? I love walking tours. And I'm going to see the Vatican! And... and I'm going to do other things, too!

I have all these things marked in my guide book, and I can't wait! I wish it was November *now*.

{Updated more of my China stuff, if you're looking for more of that.}


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I get so envious of your travels.

awesome! bloody brilliant! and that is so cheap!!!!!

(the tickets i mean!)

I agree with Scarlet. You're enviable... :o)

Actually, we went to Rome in april-may. If you get to the Colloseum, and they offer you a tour, plus a tour of the Forum Romanum, go for it! The Forum is really beautiful, with incredible views. Oh, and of course, walking is delicious in the park after the Villa Borghese.

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