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How I Spent My Halloween

samhuinn festival
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(TOTALLY not my photo)

There was this intense energy throughout the crowd last night for Edinburgh's Samhuinn festival.

I could write up an academic review of what happened, but I think that would be boring. Check out Beltane Fire Society for that.

It was wild and insane, with intense feelings running high, loud music and caperings that would have embarassed me at any other time, but here seemed appropriate. The red beasties ran over things, running into the crowd, while the greens danced and sang and drew up the energy levels before them. The hags were powerful, frightening, everything you should fear in the middle of the night and more so. The Green Man walked like a stag, his horns large. He seemed very noble as he walked.

The energy just flows through the whole crowd as things come to the end of the procession. The various courts perform to loud and intense drumming. I remember the fire dancers most vividly when I close my eyes - this sense of the erotic and exotic as the two tattooed men passed flames back and forth between each other, close enough to touch. I remember the orgiastic dancing ot the red beasties on stage as they formed ever-increasing towers of people. I remember the focused gaze of the white women as they bowed and danced for the Green Man. I remember the battle, and screaming as one was cut down.

My throat is sore.

I danced down the mile, down the mound, alternately to the greens who played music and looked like fae and flowers brought to life, and to the red beasties who were sex and licentiousness and insanity prowling through the crowd, while Don kept a closer pace with the black men, those that brought death as winter comes to everyone. I lost sight of him early on in the evening, but he always knew where I was.

I lost a staring contest with a hag in green later on - never have I felt so intimidated, so cowed, but I tried to hold her gaze as long as I could before twirling away.

I have a video I'm in the process of turning into something easier for others to see. It's of the beginnning of the procession, before I let go and just enjoyed everything around me. My camera was full, and the video is large, so it may take a while.

Red Beasties that Flow Through Darkness

{Samhuinn pics by other people} {my own attempts at photos, before everything started}


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