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February 26, 2007

Tales of a Tomato

I really want to write a lengthy post about what a great weekend I had. I mean, I *had* a great weekend. It involved ferries and swimming and beaches and ship wrecks and fish (fish! lots of fish!) and buying a sexy-cool hat that will look kick-ass with my sexy-cool jackey and sexy-cool boots, and seeing an eagle-ray and a glass bottomed boat and great things!

But at the moment the heat-stroke is making me forget what a great time I had.

As is the sea-sickness. Ugg.

Anyway, I came home from the best day ever to a face as red as a tomato and feeling a bit disorientated and very dizzy, like my flat thought it was on the ocean or something. I cleverly started rehydrating as quickly as possible and curled up in the shower, trying to bring down my temperature a bit.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit better, but still a bit woozy from being silly and forgetful. I'm so annoyed - I had put on sunscreen! I had a hat! I bought water! Why wasn't it enough?

Well, maybe because I'm not used to 40s that indicate above zero as opposed to below.

Ah well. It was still the greatest weekend, and I will write about it and show the pics, as soon as my body remembers that it's no longer on a boat.

But the glass bottomed boat was so cool hot nifty!

The pics look good, too.

February 20, 2007

Anna’z Zany Zoo Adventurez!

LunchThe plan was very simple: Go on the ferry (yay!) to South Perth. Do not go to the Zoo, gosh darn it. I didn’t want to go to the Zoo because I didn’t have a lot of money (having no bank card yet) and figured the South Perth suburb would be interesting enough all on its own, at least for a nice Saturday afternoon.

Which, it would have been, but the Zoo is almost right on top of you when you get off the Ferry, and it occurred to me that I had purchased nothing cunning and nifty to send back to people in Edinburgh, to make them jealous of my madcap adventures in Australia (you know, the ones that have barely started, unless you count hostel living. Which is a rant for a whole other day. It involves cockroaches.) A lot of the shops that I’ve been in so far are *incredibly* touristy, and I was hoping for something with a bit more substance to it.

Pink Flowers [Also, picture this for a moment: I'm wandering aroud South Perth and I'm going all dreamy and wide-eyed because there are flowers everywhere and it is *simultaneously* February. This does not happen in my world. I spend half my morning squeeing over flowers and taking pictures of them and being incredibly touristy and excited over this idea. I resolved at one point that if anyone asked I'd tell them I'd recently been released from the hospital after a tragic accident involving a giraffe. Or that I was American. Which they might have assumed anyway.]

So, I passed the Zoo shop. And I thought “Hey! Zoo shop! That will have nifty things in it!”

And it did – lots of nifty things! Things involving… kangaroos! And it occurred to me, since I was there anyway, that there would probably *be* kangaroos in the zoo! And koalas! And snakes! And other cool and nifty animals that I had never seen! And how could I be in the Zoo shop and not go and see a real kangaroo!

So, I scrounged around in my pockets and went through the Zoo. There were kangaroos and lions and rhinos and koalas and crocodiles and big scary snakes that could eat a person, and little tiny birds, and I got attacked by a pine cone! (It was a vicious and evil pine cone that just dropped very heavily out of the sky. It hurt! Feel sorry for me! I don’t care that there were warning signs about the pine cones, it doesn’t count!)

(Also, Oz pinecones are *nothing* like North American pine cones. Not only are they evil and attack people, they also are big and green and heavy. North American ones are small and brown and are typically very light.)

The Lion Sleeps Today Green Future Politican Not Actually An Ex Now He Ded From Cute

I had *such* a good time at the Zoo that, on my way out, I bought a Zoo membership!

They told me I have the only adult membership card where the ID photo shows someone sticking out their tongue and making faces.

And that was my Zany Zoo Adventure of not going to the Zoo, gosh darn it.

(It’s a great pass, though – my tongue looks blue! And I get free entrance to the Zoo to see the elephants and the birds and the quokkas or whatever they are, and I get a newsletter, and I get other stuff, and it’s great fun because hey! Zoo!)

{More Zoo Photos}

February 14, 2007

Dialing it in

Internet connection broken [stop]
currently on a dialup until the new modem arrives [stop]

February 11, 2007

Observations on Australia after only two weeks, a list, by jo

Observations on Australia after only Two Weeks, a list, by jo

Palm Trees Everywhere!1. Oh My God It's Hot. It's hit low 40 Celcius here several times since I got off the plane. (That's *PLUS* 40. I can handle minus 40.) I may die.

2. They don't give out free sunscreen at the airport like they totally should.

3. Phone numbers have eight digits! How do phone numbers have eight digits? It hurts my head - phone numbers should totally have seven digits!

4. For whatever reason, coffee here isn't as good as coffee in Edinburgh - but the hot chocolate is better. Please don't ask why I was drinking hot chocolate in this heat, because I don't know. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

5. There are flowers! In February! They're so beautiful!

6. They don't have pennies! How am I supposed to save my pennies if they don't have pennies? And why did no one tell me there were no pennies here?

7. Lots of places have air conditioning. I love these places. I shop in them just because they're there. They have signs that say "Air Conditioning - Come On In!" So friendly!

Sunday Afternoons8. The City of Perth seems to shut down at an incredibly early time. I thought Edinburgh did, too. I was told Edinburgh shut down because people would protest at having to work late when they could be out drinking. Apparently Perth shuts down because people want to be out surfing. I can understand this.

9. Speaking of surfing, they have plastic money! Lots of it! I refuse to believe it's for any reason other than that they're too lazy to take their money out of their pockets before tossing things in the wash, but Jezz says it's because of surfing. Jezz is so boring and practical sometimes.

10. Palm Trees! Palm trees everywhere!

11. On Sundays in Perth, you can go down to Forrest Square and they let people stand up and rant. They have police officers there and everything. It's like...like... college!

12. There's a duck crossing sign near my flat - I can hear the ducks right now, and at night, I can hear crickets!

Having a wonderful time!

February 7, 2007

New Adventures

When I got out of the airport in Perth, the sky was an intense shade of blue, deeper than anything I've ever seen, and the heat was so opressive I almost fell down. I stared around at everything, blinking like an owl out inthe sun, trying to sort out how I had gone from cold temperatures to warm, how everything felt upside down, and tried to sort out how to get myself and everything I own into a cab.

I remember staring out the cab window and being confused at the colour of the dirt, and then realising it was sand.

"Ah, yes," said the cabbie, who told me later he was from Eastern Europe. "Everything in Perth is covered in sand. The whole city is built on sand!"

It's interesting, because sand gets into everything, everwhere, and I still haven't made it to the actual beach. So far I've gotten as far as the ferry terminal on a Saturday afternoon and no place else. But in my defense, I got to Perth on a Saturday and had a job on Monday and a flat the following week, and everything has been busy, busy, busy, trying to get myself together. It's been hard to write about this adventure, mostly because the adventure hasn't given me any breathing room yet.

I'm told Perth is the third windiest city in the world, and every wind here seems to have a name. There's the Freemantle Doctor which blows in, all cool and sweet, during the afternoons, and the Easterlies which come in off the whole of Australia, carrying all that heat with them and batter against the windows of my tiny flat as though they want to blow me back to Scotland.

I've been here since the day after Australia Day, and everything still has this dreamlike quality to it. I keep waiting to wake up, to find out that I'm back in Scotland, or back in Canada, or someplace else, because this has just seemed so off from all of my other moves. I've barely explored the city, but I've gotten many comments on my "strong Canadian accent". I hear it's "cute". (I've never been told I have a Canadian accent by people before, except Americans when traveling in the US, and that doesn't count.)

Every other store has a large sign alerting people that it has air conditioning (and it's on!), the buses in the city are free (and have air conditioning), and the stores all close at, to me, ridiculously early times. Parts of this already seem like old hat.

The major street near my flat has a "Duck Crossing" sign on it. The sky is a perfect shade of blue, and on Saturday I'm going down to the beach to do nothing except hunt for mermaids.

Sand, eveywhere it's blowing sand, instead of snow.

And it's February.

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