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Tales of a Tomato

I really want to write a lengthy post about what a great weekend I had. I mean, I *had* a great weekend. It involved ferries and swimming and beaches and ship wrecks and fish (fish! lots of fish!) and buying a sexy-cool hat that will look kick-ass with my sexy-cool jackey and sexy-cool boots, and seeing an eagle-ray and a glass bottomed boat and great things!

But at the moment the heat-stroke is making me forget what a great time I had.

As is the sea-sickness. Ugg.

Anyway, I came home from the best day ever to a face as red as a tomato and feeling a bit disorientated and very dizzy, like my flat thought it was on the ocean or something. I cleverly started rehydrating as quickly as possible and curled up in the shower, trying to bring down my temperature a bit.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit better, but still a bit woozy from being silly and forgetful. I'm so annoyed - I had put on sunscreen! I had a hat! I bought water! Why wasn't it enough?

Well, maybe because I'm not used to 40s that indicate above zero as opposed to below.

Ah well. It was still the greatest weekend, and I will write about it and show the pics, as soon as my body remembers that it's no longer on a boat.

But the glass bottomed boat was so cool hot nifty!

The pics look good, too.


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