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My Heart is Lost To You

I was not expecting to fall in love with Australia. My heart and soul is supposed to belong to Edinburgh, and Scotland, with its beautiful ruins and its churches and its parks and its strange language of slang and its people. I fell so deeply in love with Edinburgh that it didn’t occur to me that I might be able to love anywhere else as much.

But Australia, being so different, has captured my heart all over again. I’ve fallen in love with beaches of pristine white sand and water an entirely different and indescribable shade of blue, with all the things you can find under the water, with the desert and its emptiness, with 4X4ing and sandboarding off dunes, with strange rock formations and trees that go up to the sky and back.

It’s hurting my head a lot, this amazingly beautiful country. I’ve never loved a place just because it was beautiful in and of itself. I loved Scotland because it had ruins, as I said, and the fact that the Highlands and Skye were so lovely was merely an added bonus, but with Australia, it’s the mountains and the water and the deserts and the sand… that there are buildings here to look at often slips my mind entirely.

(I wish it wouldn’t quite so often. My face is sunburned almost constantly. If I spent my weekends touring convict-built buildings, that might stop happening.)

It’s like getting used to a new lover. South is where you go to get colder, and north is hotter, and this confuses me. Orion is in the sky, but the rest of the stars make me dizzy as I try and find the ones I remember. I’ve found the Southern Cross, but I don’t think I could find it again. It’s not where I think it should be. Exotic birds are shot here because they’re pests. I’m trying to sort out that I live in a place where parrots aren’t kept in cages, but just fly around everywhere. I know exotic birds come from somewhere but that I live in that somewhere is hurting my head.

The guide on the last tour I went on talked about “roo shooting”, which he does a lot on his farm. They’re all over the place, here, and I guess can be quite the annoyance.

Tasty little things, too.

This weekend I took a tour that brought me through parts of the desert, and I could understand the desire to just walk into it someday with whatever you were carrying and live out there. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and it would be so easy to just disappear into it.

I would probably miss air conditioning.

{There are some photos but I seem to have damaged my camera by foolishly taking it into the desert. Will keep you posted.}


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