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Sound Advice

I have been stretching myself so thin in this country that it's a miracle I'm not entirely flattened.

Or maybe I am. It's certainly one way of explaining everything!

Today, because I am low on cash, I decided to just stay in and realised that, including the day that I called in sick to work due to the excessive heat, this is only the second day since coming to Aus where I haven't been doing something. Usually lots of somethings.

Every weekend I've been doing things that leave me at least a shade of pink, if not red. Every day I go to my job, and come home every evening and try and support friends scattered around the world who are having various problems and need help and advice, or just someone to talk to who isn't involved. I don't begrudge it at all, but I'm typically up very late at night, and dragging myself out of bed in the morning to start the whole thing over again. It's a bit insane.

Couple with the fact that my current workplace is making me want to cry I'm so bored, I find it harder and harder to spend any time just relaxing at home. I don't want to relax! Relaxing is boring, and work is boring, and too much boring in my life and I'll go nuts!

Or so I keep telling myself, as I slather more aloe on my face.

I'm really having an outstanding time, but I think having spent today just napping, tidying things up a bit, and not doing anything has been great. If nothing else, it means I've been able to write something about what I've been doing. And update my photos up on flickr.

I did get a new camera, and it loves me, and I love it, and we're happy. It's champagne coloured. I don't know what that means - it looks silver to me, but that's what they tell me. I used it to take a few photos (not nearly enough, but that story will be up in the next few hours) of the dolphin swimming I did this weekend.

I'm having a wonderful time, but man, I need to sleep some more before I make myself really really sick.


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