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Welcome To Wherever You Are

I can't remember the town I'm in right now - Kalberrie, maybe? Either way, I'm in a small little town in Western Aus, on the first day of a four day tour of the area.

It's a bit surreal being on tours in Australia after having been in Scotland for so long. I mean, in Scotland, London can be a daytrip. Inverness can be a daytrip. A weekend trip is up to Skye. Here, a weekend will be lucky to get you far at all. It's strange living in a big country again. It makes me wonder what touring Canada would be like.

So far today we really only saw three points of interest - the Pinnacles (I've written about them before), the Indian Ocean (always beautiful) and then some amazingly beautiful cliffs that I would totally recommend if I could remember what they were called. I got some great photos and will post them once I'm back Perth-side.

The Pinnacles were just as I remembered them, which is to say interesting but not really worth a second trip out. I did enjoy walking through the sand again, though. The sand there is a different colour, more of an orange, and it feels very soft against my feet. It retains the heat a great deal, which felt lovely. I hate to admit how much I'm enjoying the heat here, as though I'm betraying my Canadian roots. (It's not that hot here right now, but hotter than I'm used to. And dryer. I think it's the dryer that makes it good.)

The Indian Ocean is where we sat and ate lunch. It was lovely - the whole beach was abandoned, and for a lot of the time I was the only person in the group sitting and watching the waves crash against the shore. Again I fell in love with the ocean. I think there's a theme in my life of water.

The cliffs today, though... You'll need photos. There are no words.

The problem, of course, is that we travelled for almost twelve hours and it feels like we didn't see much at all. As much as I hate to say it, the Aussie countryside (at least around these parts) isn't that interesting all on its own.

Although the trees are quite interesting near the wind farms. They're bent over against the ground, and almost look like they've been blown over, but they aren't.

I'm sorry, I wanted to write more, but I'm hungry, and tonight is BBQ. I'm hoping for kangaroo - they're cute, and tasty!


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