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November 2, 2006

NoNoNoNo Day 1 & 2

NoNoNoNo, as some may remember from last year, is a project my friend Raven started a few years ago whereby one takes 50 Photos in 25 Days. It's a play off NaNo, of course. Last year I thought I'd take photos of churches and statues, since there are many in Edinburgh, but this year I gave up on that and just decided to take pictures of things at night. It's easier on my brain then trying to take pictures of things during the day.

We Are Not Amused

She Walks In Beauty Like The Night....


November 20, 2005

NoNoNoNo Day 19 or something



November 19, 2005

NoNoNoNo Day 18 or something

Shades of Orange

I Dream of Red

November 15, 2005

NoNoNoNo Day 11 (delayed)



November 11, 2005

NoNoNoNo Day 10 (delayed)

House of Ill Repute



November 10, 2005

NoNoNoNo Day 9 (delayed)



NoNoNoNo Update

If you're curious as to why there's been no pictures... it's cuz my batteries died in my camera. Very annoyingly, right as I was recording Neil Gaiman reading from his new book. *sigh* Oh well.

Going to buy a million or so batteries today, so there will be more pictures.

November 8, 2005

NoNoNoNo Day 8

Through the Trees

Call to Arms

November 7, 2005

NoNoNoNo Day 7


Shades of Brown

George Porgie

November 5, 2005

NoNoNoNo Day 5



November 4, 2005

NoNoNoNo Day 4

Well Rounded

Do you have the time?


November 3, 2005

NoNoNoNo Day 3

Well Lit

Darkneing Sky

As a note, that second picture is how dark it is now when I leave work. Must get myself out of the office during lunch hour if I want light in my photos.

November 2, 2005

NoNoNoNo Day 2



November 1, 2005

NoNoNoNo #1

Night Rider

Church by the Sea


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NoNoNoNo #1

Night Rider

Church by the Sea


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2,329 / 50,000

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