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September 13, 2005


So, who wants to help me write the most kick-ass cover letter evar, so I can get a job working at the National Museums of Scotland?

Because oh my god... it's a temp job that *does something with my degree*.

*dies and is ded*

May 27, 2005



Duties will include: Making several important phone calls during daylight hours, ensuring that I eat, and reminding me that coming home at 7:30 a.m. and playing Dungeon Keeper for an hour and a half may be relaxing, but doesn't actually accomplish anything.

Please send applications to Or comment on this post, I suppose. Either or.

Basically, I am going nuts with things to get accomplished, and not getting enough of it done in a sufficient amount of time. It feels like every day time is running ahead of me. But, I have finally arranged for the bulk of my worldly goods to be taken care of in the next five days, and that will cut down a great deal on the impending sense of overwhelming doom. But then, living in an empty apartment with an angry cat may distract me enough, too.

I considered looking for a compentent personal assistant instead, but Google talked me out of it. See, if you type "I want a wife" into Google, you get quite a few hits, mostly of an essay published in Ms. Magazine by that title. (If you read the article, I will just comment that I was that wife. Well, girlfriend. And I'm still really really bitter over it.) However, if you type "I want a competent assistant", you get singifigantly less hits.

I wrote out my to do list, the full one, for everything. I measured. It actually is longer than my arm.

I was complaining about this to a friend, who made the suggestion I hire Mel for the job, to which I had to reply, quite honestly, "No, I'd have to pay her what she's worth, and I can't afford that."

So, obviously, I am in need of a wife. At least for a week or two. Any takers?

{For those asking about the boyfriend application of earlier, I shall just say that I'm reviewing applications at this point in time, and shall apprise those who have met the proper criteria to pick a time for their interview. Which they can arrange with my wife. Hopefully.}


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