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November 27, 2005

Christmas Season

I realise that we’re not yet into December and already the feel of Christmas is strong. Already I find it strange being in a different country for this holiday. Its not any worse and in some ways at least better.

Christmas shopping that isn’t all indoors at a mall seems strange and kind of nice. Christmas shopping in the rain seems just plain wrong. Its not that I’m fond of the snow but trying to protect against soggy packages is very strange to me.

I think the first warning I had that it was going to be a very different Christmas season was seeing the signs in the small food sellers. The very presence of small produce stores, butchers and fishmongers is strange to me. Seeing the signs that there were only X weeks to order a turkey or goose was very odd.

The arrival of the carnival really introduced the season to me while being entirely new. The thought of a Ferris wheel and other rides in late November and December strikes me as ludicrous. I can see it now in my mind. The Ferris wheel mechanism freezes up and by the time people can be unloaded their so many icicles. The less said about a roller coaster the better.

The German Market that is attached to the festival really brought home that Christmas would be soon. Again, the idea of such a thing in Edmonton just doesn’t work. It was a lot of fun puttering through the stalls, buying gifts and the occasional food treat for myself. Some of the wares are quite pretty and others amusing.

In all I’m glad I’m spending Christmas here. It may just be the novelty but there seems to be more excitement in the air than I’ve felt from Edmonton in a long while. Christmas lost its splendour a long time ago for me. For the first time in many years I feel a certain childish excitement that Christmas is on the way.

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